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15 Best Coffee Shops in Dubai That Serve The Perfect Brew

Who doesn’t love spending time unwinding inside a coffee shop? And who doesn’t love to travel? Combining traveling with cafe hopping is a great idea. If you are visiting Dubai, for instance, you must check out all the best cafes it has to offer since you are combining two different interest areas. From exploring an aesthetic art house cafe to unwinding in a chic environment, the cafes in Dubai have everything that you are looking for - keep reading to find out the best coffee shops in Dubai serving the perfect brew.  10 Best Coffee Shops In Dubai That Serve The Perfect Brew: On your visit to Dubai, you might be planning to explore the thriving coffee culture, and you decide to do the most obvious thing - type ‘coffee shop nearby’ on Google for the most effective results, but of course, you end up missing all the quality places. It’s much better if you save these places on Instagram or just bookmark this article for future use! 1. Tania’s Tea House: Location: Umm Suqeim 2Cost For Two: AED 200 You must consider visiting this cozy, Instagramable café if you are in love with that cute, charming coffee-date spot. From their hanging plants and pastel walls, sipping coffee at Tania’s Tea House is almost like visiting Alice’s wonderland. Creativity is even reflected in the menu with different specialty items like ‘Naugh-Tea Cake’ and ‘Hakuna Frittata.’  2. Sereni-tea By Tania’s Tea House: Location: Al ManaraCost For Two: AED 140 In spite of sticking to those Instagram moments and muted pastel shades of pink, Sereni-tea is basically Tania’s Tea House’s sister who’s just more laid-back and older with wicker lanterns and a neon sign saying ‘coffee bar.’ Their huge selection of beverages is delectable, especially when consumed with sugar cookies or other healthier alternatives, like tasty Paleo Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. 3. The Grey: Location: Al Safa 1Cost For Two: AED 260 The Grey is one of those modern cool spots for all caffeine aficionados. From its tonal, sleek grey interiors accompanied by specks of gold to the comfy outdoor and indoor seating, The Grey blends coffee, creativity, and design with perfection. The Shades Of Grey menu for coffee offers guests a wide selection of signature coffees, filtered coffees, and classics.  4. Cavo Espresso Bar: Location: Umm Suqeim 2Cost For Two: AED 130 Cavo Espresso Bar is one of those hidden gems that will serve guests excellent coffee but at the same time will never pop up under your search for ‘coffee shop Dubai.’ The cafe’s espresso bar is cozy and small with minimalistic interiors, making it the perfect place for anyone seeking a break from all the city buzz. A bonus you can enjoy here is playing either Uno or Jenga while unwinding. 5. Orijins Café: Location: DIFCCost For Two: AED 320 For anyone who loves to keep everything classic, including their coffee, Orijins Café is your go-to place. Tucked away nicely between the Four Seasons Hotel DIFC and the bustling Gate Village, Orijins Café is a specialty coffee shop that serves three kinds of coffee only to pair with different delectable pastries. This small café is subtly decorated with plastered walls and big slabs of marble as display tables, creating a very minimalist chic vibe. 6. EL&N: Location: DIFCCost For Two: AED 255 EL & N is an Instagram classic and a cult favorite both in London as well as Dubai. The signature chic flower wall at the café has been specifically updated for the Dubai location - with the useful addition of fashion illustrations and neon signs, the cafe has become one of the trendiest spots at the moment. 7. Heal: Location: Umm Suqeim 2Cost For Two: AED 220. Located at Umm Suqeim, Dubai, Heal is a Mediterranean-Esque spot that happens to be the perfect combination of lifestyle and café. Heal’s simple yet tasteful interiors appear to be enhanced even more by the beautiful arches and the displayed pottery. There’s no better way of spending all your afternoon - enjoy delicious snacks, sip on some good coffee and browse through the beautifully curated store inside the cafe. 8. IYKYK (If You Know You Know): Location: Jumeirah 1Cost For Two: AED 200 For the ones who do not know, cafe IYKYK is hidden inside Instagram’s most favorite concept store and flower store, Villa Aumedan. IYKYK is basically a secret café in Dubai for the ones who didn’t know. With trendy and chic interiors, you can easily enjoy your beverages, take pictures, and browse the concept store or end up purchasing a few floral arrangements. After all, cafes today are all about versatility. 9. Alchemy: Location: Jumeirah 2Cost For Two: AED 50 Alchemy’s sleek and laid-back interiors accompanied by both outdoor and indoor seating is an ideal place for enjoying their wide range of different artisanal pastries and specialty coffees. Instead of hitting the nearest cafeteria to your hotel, indulge in fudgy caramel brownies or experiment with different things like miso cookies. Moreover, the ethically-sourced and single-farm coffee is an added bonus. 10. Vibe: Location: Al Wasl and DIFCCost For Two: AED 170. Are you looking for some good vibes? Then you must check out Vibe café since it totally lives up to its own name. The funky tropic interiors are accompanied by plated food and vibrancy, and the entire café is a whole vibe. From delectable healthy options to a wide range of tacos and classic sliders, the global menu has so many things for everyone.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Check out the most frequently asked questions about the best coffee shops in Dubai mentioned below! 1. Why Is Coffee Important In The Uae? One of the primary hospitality conventions in the UAE is serving good-quality coffee. In fact, serving coffee has become a major part of the cultural scene for several centuries. The whole Emirati community is characterized by hospitality and generosity, both of which can be symbolized by coffee.  2. Is Coffee Popular In Dubai? Yes, coffee has become quite popular in Dubai in the past decade, thanks to all the high-quality homegrown coffee shops and cafés. These places have made the coffee culture in Dubai thrive like never before, making the all-day breakfast and different caffeine-based beverages popular in the whole Dubai cafe scene.  3. Which Coffee Is Famous In Dubai? The most popular coffee brands in Dubai are as follows,⦿ Stomping Grounds,⦿ Flow Dubai,⦿ Friends Avenue,⦿ Raw Coffee Company, and⦿ Dubai Coffee Museum. 4. Is Coffee Popular In Uae? The coffee culture of UAE has been thriving in recent years and, in the process earning the title of “Melbourne of the Middle East.” In this area, coffee is mostly consumed at the price of seven billion dollars every year. On top of that, new brands are being introduced into the scene every year. And It’s A Wrap! The next time you are in Dubai, you must check out all the cool cafes instead of typing ‘coffee shop Abu Dhabi’ and waiting for search results that won’t serve the purpose. And if you happen to be a resident of Dubai, then what are you waiting for? Start visiting these cafes today and get all those gram moments in a jiffy! In the meantime, share your thoughts and experiences on these popular places in the comments below! 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