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April 19, 2021

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things to do in Dubai

No matter whom you ask, you will find that Dubai is on their top list of visiting places and has already decided on the things to do in Dubai. Dubai is like a treasure trove for tourists. Adding the mystic nature and Arabian history gives you a complete reason to at least visit it once in your lifetime.

When we talk about Dubai, we cannot stop ourselves from imagining tall buildings, palm tree islands, Burj Khalifa, and expensive cars. However, there is more to Dubai than these. Dubai is a marvelously engineered city; hence, concluding it to only Burj Khalifa and Expensive cars is far too less.

Today, we will talk about the things to do in Dubai. And don’t worry, our list will not contain the usual. We will shed light on the things you hardly know about.

Best Things To Do In Dubai

things to do in Dubai

Due to its many marvelous places to visit, Dubai holds an important place in every tourist’s heart. Let’s have a look at the top tourist places (excluding big names).

1. Gold & Spice Souks

Dubai has always been one of the leading trading countries. To get a sense of what trade was like back in the old days, you can visit Gold & Spice Souks. It is located on Dubai’s Creek south bank and showcases the old-fashioned market glamour.

Featuring from gold, silver, diamond to whatever you’re looking for, you can get it from more than 300 retailers. With such diverse products and services, it has established itself as one of the most renowned trading centers in the world.

2. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai once was a part of the desert. Seeing the current glamorous life of Dubai, most people forget about that. If you visit Dubai and don’t visit the Dubai Desert Conservation reserve is like visiting someone’s home and not greeting their parents.

The reserve is mainly used as a research unit for the plants and animals, but the travelers are allowed to take a stroll up and down the dunes.

3. Dubai Coffee Museum

Cafe Coffee Museum is a place for caffeine addiction made in an Emirati house. Here you can stroll down the hallways looking into the history of coffee and coffee making pots, old grinders, roasters, and much more.

Once you have committed your tour, you can enjoy samples of freshly prepared coffee from the coffee staff members. If you are a caffeine addict, visiting this place needs to be in your things to do in Dubai checklist.

4. The Farm

The farm is yet another culinary Hubspot for the tourists who like connecting with nature. It is a place loathed on estate open for tourists to have a walkthrough and enjoy the majestic sceneries of lakes, waterways, and gardens.

The eco-friendly place is located away from the city life and allows tourists to enjoy some peace of mind coupled with healthy tasty looking food.

5. Banana Beach

We all know how busy Marina beaches can be in the seasons, but what if we say there is another beach right next to the marina, but nobody knows about it. We are talking about Banana Beach.

It’s 20 minutes from Marina. There you will find colorful tents to lodge and water hammocks to enjoy. This beach gives old-school hippie neighborhood vibes.

6. Love Lake

If you visit Dubai with your beloved, spending an evening at the love lake needs to be there in your things to do in the Dubai checklist. Love lake offers the tourist a chance to spend some romantic moments with your loved ones.

This place is mostly used for picnic dates, photoshoots, or destination weddings. The ambiance of the scenery is blessed with diverse bird species that make it more appealing.

7. Dubai Ladies Beach Club

Who would have thought that Dubai would have beaches exclusive to women only? Dubai Ladies Beach Club is a special destination for all the ladies up there. It is a place that hosts fashion shows, charity events, and beach parties.

8. Miracle Garden

The names speak for themselves. It is one of the most common gardens in everyone’s things to do in Dubai checklist. Dubai is a desert place and hardly any greenery to take pride in. so Dubai decided to make one.

The miracle garden consists of more than 40 million flowers of different species. However, due to the blistering summer, the miracle garden opens its door for visitors only in the winters.

9. Emirate KartZone

Dubai has Kart racing clubs where anybody can take part in the races. You don’t have to worry about the equipment; everything can be rented out. It is the best place for the people who really wanted to be part of the Grand Prix. You can challenge your friend and can have your own mini Grand Prix experience.

10. Dragon Mart

Despite having several malls in Dubai, this mall is a little special. Dragon mart has presented itself as a niche market with the largest number f Chinese traders under one roof. This mart boasts of catering everything from furniture to machinery.


Dubai might be famous for some of the big names that we already know of, but only a few people know about some hidden gems that might not be famous as the bog names, but they certainly make you feel special and fill your mind with special memories.

If you want to know about these hidden gems, just go through the list we have enumerated above. With that said, do let us know which place you liked the most or piqued your interest to visit the next time you’re in Dubai.

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