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10 Things To Do In Ajman In 2022- Activities You Must Try While On A Trip

“History is a continuous chain of events. The present is only an extension of the past.”- Sheik  Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan  As per the above quote, you can find how UAE has created history in the last few decades in terms of overall development. When it comes to tourism, it is one of the most luxurious places to be on earth. Well, if you are planning to go for a trip to UAE anytime soon, utilize a few minutes of your life reading this article. Here you can find facts about the ten best things to do in Ajman. In case you are about to visit UAE for the first time, you can start your trip from the city of Ajman. So, check out the best activities you should not miss in the city. Top Ten Things To Do In Ajman While On A Trip- Updated List 2022 If you are in Ajman, probably you have invested a lot in staying in a luxurious hotel. Well, you can invest some more money to be a part of the best things to do in Ajman. Have a look: 1.  Get A Glimpse Of The Past At Ajman Museum The Ajman Museum is surely one of the primary tourist locations in the city. You can always start your city trip from this place. As you reach the place, try to find a good guide who can tell you about the place in detail. The best thing to occur while covering this place is that you shall get knowledge about the past and present of the city. Even you can witness some artifacts that date back to 3000 BC. Good knowledge about the city and culture can help you connect to the places and people easily. Read More: Top 7 Places For Best Breakfast In Dubai  2. Enjoy An Evening At Ajman Marina If your aim of the tour is just to have fun, you can spend an evening at Ajman Marina. Probably, this is the right place where you get the fun things to do in Ajman. No matter if you are with your friends or family, Ajman Marina can surely make you happy. Apart from hotels, clubs and shopping malls, you can get a golf course here. So, there is always a chance for you to try out the game. 3. Go On A Shopping Spree At The Safeer Mall Are you the one who is always crazy about shopping? Well, the Safeer Mall in Ajman can be an appropriate destination for you. If you are concerned about things to do in Ajman today, you can visit the Safeer mall soon. Just book a cab from your hotel and you are all done. 4. Spend A Full Day At Marsa Ajman Marsa Ajman can always be a treasure for people who are on a family trip to UAE. It is located at the blackwater of the sea. You can find a lot of shops, hotels, restaurants, and clubs serving excellent food. Moreover, there are regular cruise rides. So, you can plan for spending an entire day at this place and return with some sweet memories with your family. Even you can go clubbing at this place considering it as one of the things to do in Ajman at night. 5. Do Not Skip The Al Safia Park Are you the one in UAE with your kids? So, it is obvious for you to look for a place where the kids get things to do in Ajman. The Al Safia Park can serve you right in this case. Here, you can watch your kids play all day and have fun with others while you can just sit and relax. 6. Watch Children Having Fun At Fun City The Fun City is yet another place where can have children have fun. At the Fun City, there are a lot of rides and bounce areas where your kids can have fun. Even, you can indulge and connect with them here. So, the best you can do is spend a few hours at this place. 7. Spot Wildlife At Al Zorah Natural Reserve If you are into photography or just a wildlife enthusiast, the Al Zorah Natural Reserve can be a place next to heaven. The location falls on the northern edge of Ajman city and you can witness a lot of mangroves, sandy beaches, and lagoons here. Moreover, you can spend time watching birds here as nearly 60  species dwell here. One of the natural gifts that you might get here is a magnificent view of the Flamingoes. So, there is no point in missing this place. 8. Witness A Scenic Sunset At The Al Zorah Beach The Al Zohra beach is a famous landmark of Ajman city where you can just relax for hours. The best you can do is visit it during the late afternoon and witness a sunset. There are a few good shops from where you can buy snacks.  This is an activity that you can find in the list of things to do in Dubai too. You May Like To Read This: Top 10 Cheapest Hotels In Dubai 9. Observe The Ship Builders At Ajman Dhow Building Yard Visiting the Ajman Dhow Building Yard can be one of the unique things to do in the city. You can get a chance to check the entire process of shipbuilding here. As a result, you can be happy. This is something you won't get in the list of things to do in Dubai. 10. Find Peace At The Sheikh Zayed Mosque In Ajman The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one tranquil place in Ajman. So, you can be here to enjoy the tranquility. Expect to find a peaceful atmosphere here and you can sit and listen to the payers and excellent Sufi music. No mosque like the Sheikh Zayed is located in Sharjah. So, you might not find it in the list of things to do in Sharjah. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q1. What Is Special In Ajman? Some special spots in Ajman are museums, shopping malls, and mosques. So, you can explore the whole city and find them accordingly. Q2. Why Is Ajman Famous? Ajman is famous among tourists as it is one of the most cultural cities in the UAE. Here, you can find the Ajman Museum and The Dhow Yard that you should not miss. Q3. Can We Swim In Ajman Beach? Ajman Beach is one of the best places to swim in the world. It is because the water of this beach is clean and it has fine sand. Final Words! Ajman is a city that homes a lot of heritages of UAE. So, you can always visit here while a trip to the country. Do not forget to consult with your travel agent regarding it. He can make a proper itinerary according to your budget and time. The best you can do is visit the city and share with us your valuable experience. Make a good use of the comments box below. Read Also: 10 Things To Do In Abu Dhabi In 2022Top 10 Amusing Things To Do In Kite BeachWhere To Watch New Years Eve Fireworks In Dubai