2. Indulge In A Simulation Race In The Ferrari World

Things To Do In Abu Dhabi


10 Things To Do In Abu Dhabi In 2022 – UAE Today Guide

Are you up for a luxurious trip anytime soon? Well, if so, there cannot be a better place than Abu Dhabi. Well, you can talk with a travel agent who can set a tour itinerary for you. The best you can do is experience some activities while in the capital city of UAE. In this article, you can go through some outstanding things to do in Abu Dhabi. You can experience them according to the number of days you are present in the city. So, take some time and go through the list govern below. If you are not up with the final plan for your trip yet, you can probably make some last-minute changes. Ten Must Do Activities While On A Visit To Abu Dhabi- 2022 Here are the activities that you should not miss doing while on your trip to Abu Dhabi. On the list, you can even get a few fun things to do in Abu Dhabi. The others can intrigue happiness but in a different way. Have a look at the list for now: 1. Visit The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque If you have just landed in the capital city of Abu Dhabi, primarily visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is one of the main landmarks of the city and remains well-illuminated during the evening. You can even sit at the mosque to feel its calmness and do your prayers.  You can always consider this activity as one of the things to do in Abu Dhabi today. 2. Indulge In A Simulation Race In The Ferrari World Are you crazy about speed, race, and adventure? If going for an adrenalin rush your desire, you can indulge in a simulation race in the Ferrari World. It can be one of the vital things to do in Abu Dhabi. Apart from the simulation Ferrari ride, you can get on board the fastest roller coaster in the world. So, you can expect to come back with some daunting yet cherishable memories for life. 3. Visit Or Stay At The Emirates Palace Hotel A stay at the Emirates Palace Hotel can be one of the most luxurious things to do in Abu Dhabi. Well, you can even visit the place for a few hours if you are not staying. Here you can try out some outstanding delicacies and feel like a royal person of the Emirates kingdom. 4. Get A Glimpse Of The Arabian Culture At The Heritage Village The Heritage Village is a unique place at the heart of Abu Dhabi. It is a planned location where you can find an Arabian Village. It is technically re-built to give the tourists a glimpse of what an Arabian village looks like. While at this place, you should not miss out on checking the craft workshops and other museums. You can consider it as one of the things to do in Abu Dhabi this weekend. At weekends, the Heritage Village turns into a place with all buzz. Well, remember to check the timings and entry fees before reaching the place. 5. Shop Around At The Marina Mall Shopping is yet another vital activity that you should not miss while in the city. Consider it one of the important things to do in Abu Dhabi. You can spend hours shopping in the Merina Mall. Here you can get a lot of branded and local shops. Moreover, there are several leisure venues where you can just relax to enjoy your short getaway. If you have enough bucks to spend, you can always get into a dine-out session at the leisure venues in Marina Mall. 6. Enjoy The Luxury At The Saadiyat Island The Saadiyat Island is near the main city of Abu Dhabi, off the coast. It is one of the leading cultural centers of the city. So, you can include it in the list of things to do in Abu Dhabi on being an art fanatic. Expect to spend hours on the island listening to music and witnessing other cultural shows. It would give you the same happiness as you get witnessing fireworks in Dubai. 7. Have Fun In The Yas Water World The Yas Water World is an amusement park where you can spend a half-day while in the city. Here you can get a lot of water rides to have fun and enjoy some coolness in the scorching heat.  8. Have A Bike Ride At Abu Dhabi Corniche The Abu Dhabi Corniche is a road that is actually a promenade. Here, you can take a bike ride or just walk during the evenings. You can even get a chance to mix with the locals and get into friendly conversations. You can also exchange some Abu Dhabi news. 9. Go For A Camel Safari In The Desert A list of things to do in Abu Dhabi never completes without a camel safari. Well, you can talk with the local tourers as per connections with your travel agent. You can even be a part of the bedouin caravan if you are lucky enough. 10. Do Not Forget To Taste Some Local Dishes In Abu Dhabi Tasting local street food in the city comes as the final entry in the list of things to do in the Abu Dhabi list. So, you should indulge in the list. Do not forget to taste the baked desserts and meat items while in Abu Dhabi. Remember, the spices and taste of the dishes can take your tongue on a joyride. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What Is There To Do In Abu Dhabi Today? You can visit the famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque today in Abu Dhabi How Can I Have Fun In Abu Dhabi? You can visit the Al Bahar or the Waterworld to have fun in Abu Dhabi. What Is Special In Abu Dhabi? The Ferrari World is a unique place, and it is special in Abu Dhabi. What Are Your Favourite Activities To Do In The UAE? Cycling and camel riding can be two of your favorite activities in Abu Dhabi. Final Words A trip to Abu Dhabi is always expensive. So, you should consider it a lifetime experience. Now, there is no point in visiting the city if you are not exposed to any activity given in the list. So, it will always be better if you get into some of these activities. You can always ask your travel agent to include some in your tour plan. Finally, you should remember that the nightlife in Abu Dhabi is no less than the nightlife in Dubai. So, you can enjoy it too. 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