Top 7 Best Restaurants In Dubai


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August 20, 2021

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best restaurants in Dubai

 Are you searching for the best restaurants in Dubai? If yes, you will get the complete details to get a better idea about it in this article. You have to make your choices in the correct direction to help you achieve your objectives in the right way at the right time.   

You need to make your choices of restaurants properly to make your visit to Dubai memorable. Moreover, you have to make your choices in the correct order to achieve your goals in a better way. Therefore, proper planning and selection here matter a lot when you research the best restaurants in Dubai.   

Best Restaurants In Dubai To Explore 

Several restaurants in Dubai can make your experience memorable while you want to visit the best restaurants in Dubai. So, let’s explore the facts to achieve your goals in the correct order to make things happen in your favour.   

1. Nathan Outlaw In Al Mahara   

The Nathan Outlaw is one of the best places in Dubai to help you provide an excellent experience to have a portion of luxurious seafood in Dubai. The restaurant gives you a feeling of being in an aquarium because of its specially designed walls showcasing colourful and exotic fish.

You can enjoy an extraordinary and unique experience while you plan to dine at AL Mahara Nathan Outlaw. The power of simplicity can provide you the taste of the finest ingredients that you can taste. 

Review: “What is not to like about it? The restaurant itself is beautiful with the golden tunnel and the massive fish tank, the service is impeccable. Our waitress was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable, and so was the sommelier. Everyone is smiling and friendly. Then comes the food…OMG, it was delicious. The lobster risotto is to die for, and the sticky toffee pudding is one of the best things I ate in my life! We had such a great time!”

2. Eauzone 

The atmosphere near the Eauzone is quite casual and relaxing, reflecting the slow mirage of the lazy royal sea. However, you have to understand that if you are searching for the best restaurants in Dubai, then it is the one you can search for at your end.     

You have to consider the fact that if you want to spend a relaxing holiday in Dubai, selecting the best restaurants in Dubai Mall is one of the best places to define the translucent water. Also, a stylish bar can help you spend some memorable time there. 

Review: “Amazing place! Fabulous service all the way through. We loved the location and our table(we asked to move to the corner table as we found it to be more romantic; the original table felt as if my partner was too far away from me). A massive thank you to Ashish and Iigin! Your service was outstanding, and thank you for keeping up with our cocktail demands! We loved it here!”

3. La Petite Maison 

La Petite Maison is located near the international financial centre as the cooking style belongs to old Genoese for serving Mediterranean dishes. The local produce comprises cigarettes, lemons, olives, peppers, and girolles. Therefore, you can consider it one of the best restaurants in Dubai.   

Some of the best dishes in this restaurant are fresh pasta, meat, and seafood. You can enjoy some of the best dishes here to make your trip to Dubai memorable.  

Review: “We always go back for the grilled Veal chop and the Gratin Dauphinois… it’s the best in Dubai! The creme brulee is exquisite and definitely a must-have. Whether a romantic night out with your partner or a lunch/ dinner out with some friends, this classy establishment is highly recommended!”

4. Al Hadeerah 

The Bab Al Shams desert resort and the spa signature resort are among the best signature restaurants located within a 60-minute distance from Dubai. The resort has dunes that have isolated oases to experience the perfect dining experience you will have under the stars.   

You will have fourteen live cooking stations with excellent and authentic cuisine from the Middle East, and the guests will enjoy the live entertainment.

Review: “Amazing decor, truly immersing you into the culture to experience traditional Arab food, dancing, music and horse and camel show. The staff was great. Sabri and Khaled were so helpful and friendly. Worth the drive, come on an empty stomach. Pictures don’t do it justice. I never write reviews for places, but this was truly a really amazing experience. A highlight of our trip!”

5. Zheng He’s    

The award-winning chef’s Zheng He’s Pride will help you create a modern Western presentation of the old Chinese flavours. The setting of the adds to the dockside of the canal weaves itself to the Jumeirah resort.   

The atmosphere has ancient simplicity while retaining the views of the  Burj Al Arab. You need to make sure of the facts that you have visited the best places in Dubai to make things possible in your favor. The Chinese fare and the fortune beggar chicken are essential dishes that you need try when you are in his restaurant. 

Review: “The view and ambience are fantastic! I had a corner table on the waterfront looking to Burj al-Arab! Service is great! The menu has a good selection of Chinese dishes. The quality of the food was average, missing spices and special taste, in my opinion. A bit overpriced for the food. It was good to visit once, and I would visit maybe again for the ambience.”

6. Nobu Dubai    

Depending on the Atlantis hotel, Nobu will fuse the cutting-edge Japanese style that influences Arabian cuisine. In addition, it comprises private areas that have a scope of intimate gatherings.   

The vast menu is going to have you confused. However, the taste is going to spoil your taste buds in every way possible. However, if you are unable to choose, you can always ask the staff for some recommendations, and they are going to help you choose some of the best possible dishes.

Review: “The whole experience from start to finish was incredible! The bar and restaurant are beautifully furnished and atmospheric. Our food, particularly the sashimi, was exquisite, and our servers were so friendly, helpful and attentive. We have visited many Nobus around the world, but this surpassed them all and ranks as one of our best meals ever.”

7. Thiptara 

It is located in the palace that is located in downtown Dubai. You can enjoy Thai cuisine with a focus on Bangkok-style Seafood. The Thiptara offers Thai cuisine focusing on Bangkok styling as the magic of the water creates an excellent cuisine that can provide you with the taste of culinary traditions.     

Review: “Had dinner here; the food was great! They were very attentive and explained each dish with recommendations. The views of the fountains are outstanding, and all staff were very friendly.”

Why Did You Need To Select The Best Restaurants In Dubai? 

The best restaurant selection is essential as you want to taste the native food in an alien land. You must make your choices in the correct order to make things happen in your favor in the right way at the right point in time. You need to make your preferences correct to make things happen at your turn at the right time. 

Final Words 

Over the last few years, the culinary scene has grown at a very high speed in Dubai. It has grown to an extent that it has been difficult for the residents to keep up with. Hence, we have come up with this article to help you navigate the best restaurants that there are in Dubai.

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