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Dubai is one of the eponymous capital of UAE’s emirates. It is known for its technological Hubspot, architectural development, and a new powerhouse to support the global economy.

Whenever we talk about Dubai, all the tall buildings, business sites, and new architectural designs come into mind. Amidst all these, we tend to forget that Dubai has other interesting things to offer. 

Dubai is not limited to having some of the highest scrappers and the expensive cars on the road. It also represents a desert lifestyle and some of the best breakfasts you can enjoy in Dubai.

In this article, we will not talk about the conventional things you read in all the other articles. Here we will focus more on the places to have the best breakfast in Dubai.

Top Places For Best Breakfast In Dubai

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Dubai’s active cafe culture helps you have endless options. While pretty much every place in Dubai caters to some of the best breakfasts in the world, we have picked out a few of our favorites.

1. Black Tap Burger

The black tap burger joint is originally from New York City. It is a burger joint where people spend precious time with their friends and families and enjoy delicious handcrafted burgers. The black tap has expanded its venture into the middle east and now has four branches in Dubai.

The Black tap burgers are known for their swag and have maintained that culture in the middle-east. Their breakfast menu features pancakes, eggs, pastries, and sandwiches. In addition to these normal-looking breakfasts, Black Tap also caters to the delicacies like Crispy chicken waffles.

The sheers number of dishes that you can enjoy in Black Tap Burger joint makes it a top place for breakfast in Dubai.

2. Hillhouse Brasserie

It is said that having a good scenario enjoyable with your breakfast can make your breakfast even tastier. If you are one of the believers of this quote, you will certainly like Hillhouse Brasserie.

Hillhouse Brasserie offers its customers an amazing view of the golf course and cityscape. The breakfast timing is from morning 7’O clock to 11 A.M. The breakfast menu boasts having the best breakfast in Dubai, featuring pancakes, waffles, fruits, salmon, eggs, sausages, cream cheese, and much more.

3. Kizmet

Now, coming to a place with the menu in the list, Kismet. Kismet boasts having more than 20 dishes for breakfast. And the good thing is that most of these twenty dishes include some of the best breakfast in Dubai.

If you are more bent towards a more classic breakfast, Kismet offers scrambled eggs, salsa verde, tostadas, and much more. It also has seafood that features smoked salmon with top potatoes. If you want to end your meal with something sweet, you have that option as well in the form of carrot milk and Coconut Sorbet.

Kismet is located in the heart of the city; hence, you will find it full at any given moment of the day. 

4. Flow

Flow is one of the new generation restaurants in Dubai that is famous for serving the best breakfast in Dubai and the healthiest. If you love healthy food and try to stay away from all the excess oils, Flow might be the best place to start your day with a healthy breakfast.

You will find several healthy but delicious breakfasts that will kick start your day on the breakfast menu. The menu features organic eggs benedict, shakshuka, vegetable egg, omelet, and seeded french toast.

To go with the meal, Flow services side dishes like smoothies, coffees, and juices.

5. Cassette

The cassette is what we can call a revamped restaurant. It is built in one of the older buildings of Dubai with recyclable material. It gives you an old town feel with its decade-long breakfast dishes.

One of the oldest breakfast recipes in Dubai is Omelette covered with greens with some french toast. With the new generation going more western, you will hardly find this breakfast anywhere in Dubai but Cassette.

Cassette also caters to several drinkable menus, making it one of the top places for the best breakfast in Dubai.

6. Kulture House

Kulture house is an artisanal establishment that is both a cafe and an art shop simultaneously. You can hover around looking for artworks, and when you are tired, you can rest and enjoy some of the best dishes it has to offer.

While Dubai was developing, it was greatly influenced by its neighboring countries. The influence can also be seen by the diverse breakfast menu it offers to its customers.

It is one of the best places to visit in Dubai to enjoy a multi-cuisine breakfast. Meloi bread, Jalapeno eggs, Mezze platter, are a few dishes from the menu.

7. Brunch & Cake

Brunch & Cake was firstly introduced in Barcelona. After winning the heart of Barcelona, it expanded its feathers to Dubai. Here it offers a beautiful brunch spot for the folks to enjoy breakfast.

Although they have only some of the best in their breakfast menu: Waffles, Pancakes, Acai, and Eggs, they present them with such creativity that personifies art. In addition to that, portion size is kept to the larger size. Hence, you will find two people sharing a meal.

Which One Do You Like The Most?

There you go, now you know what place to visit to have a tasty breakfast in Dubai. All the places that we have mentioned in the article cater to high-quality food. So which is one do you like the most?

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